LU Baseline Starter Nutrition

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The 900 series is a lower cost meal feed that is formulated with the needs of the junior swine exhibitor and breeder in mind.

Baseline Complete 900 Series: Starter Nutrition 920, 930


Starter Nutrition :: Baseline Complete 920

Protein Lysine Fat
20.5% 1.4%

This early-phase nursery diet is formulated with a nutritional strategy designed to seamlessly transition young pigs from a pelleted pre-starter diet to this highly palatable meal starter feed. Complete 920 drives intake and promotes optimal growth in pigs weighting 25-50 lbs, but can also be fed up to 75 lbs as a sale preparation feed. 

Starter Nutrition :: Baseline Complete 930

Protein Lysine Fat
19.5% 1.3%  5.0%

This late nursery/early grower feed is formulated to follow 920. This unique formulation is designed to meet the nutritional needs of newly purchases show pigs weighting 50-125 lbs. LU Baseline Complete 930 allows pigs to easily transition from starter feeds to grower feeds.

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