LU Baseline Grower-Finisher Nutrition

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The 900 series is a lower cost meal feed that is formulated with the needs of the junior swine exhibitor and breeder in mind.

Baseline Complete 900 Series: Grower-Finisher Nutrition 970, 980


Grower-Finisher Nutrition :: Baseline Complete 970

Protein Lysine Fat
 17.5% 1.1% 4.5%

This grower ration is formulated to optimize muscle growth and structural development in pigs weight 100 lbs through market weight. LU Baseline Complete 970 is designed to encourage growth in rib, body and also add condition. Depending on the look you desire your pig to have on show day, you may want to consider switching to the lower protein option, 980, at 200 lbs.

Grower-Finisher Nutrition :: Baseline Complete 980

Protein Lysine Fat
 16% 0.9% 4.5%

This late finishing ration is designed to allow for continuous development, as well as add additional body and rib shape in pigs weighing 125 lbs and above. LU Baseline Complete 980 can be fed as the last phase in the Baseline Complete Series as a great lower protein option for pigs that are harder in their appearance.

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