Lindner 606 - BLITZ

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606 brings a new dimension to the starter lineup. This blend of proven Lindner diets is the answer for those who want their showpigs bloomy and ready for sale. Fastest way to get your pigs to 12 o'clock!

ProteinĀ  Fat Lysine Form
23% 6.5% 1.5% 1/8 Pellet

50 lb bag

  • A blend of PROVEN Lindner diets.
  • Perfect feed for the right bloom to capture images needed to market your pigs at the farm, at a sale or online.
  • Use 606 for the fastest way to get your pigs to 12 o'clock!
  • 606 can be fed as early as needed post weaning and fed until desired level of bloom is achieved (begin at 20-25 lb pig).
    • Option A: Feed 5-10 lbs/pig (2 bags/litter) during the nursery stage, then switch to 612 up to 75 lbs.
    • Option B: If selling at a young age, feed 606 until desired selling point.

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