61204 Hummel Livestock Full Throttle

$ 25.00 USD

An innovative, texturized feed made with our proprietary Hammer Down supplement pellet.  Balanced and fortified, it offers a flexible feeding program throughout the lifetime of show goats. From creep feeding kids to finishing or holding animals late in the game, Full Throttle allows you to throttle it up or down depending on each specific animal.

Crude Fiber
Deccox Texturized

50 lb bag

Full Throttle has been formulated to maximize intake and, in turn, build body mass as quickly as biologically possible. This ration is one of the only complete feeds that has taken advantage of the most current science available and has been tested at the highest level of competition for a two-year period prior to release.

When feeding Full Throttle offer a small handful of alfalfa hay after each AM and PM feeding.

Maximizing Gain
Offer Full Throttle 2-3 times per day and adjust feeding rate according to what the goat will clean up in a 30 minute period post-feeding. This will maximize feed intake and increase daily gain.

If maximum intake is desired, feed with another goat to increase competition at the feeder. If a goat thinks he or she may not get their share of feed they will be more aggressive at the feeder. 

Maintaining/Limiting Weight Gain
Backdrop Complete is the preferred choice when holding or dramatically limiting weight gain. If Backdrop Complete is not an option then Full Throttle can be utilized at a rate of 1-2 lbs. of feed per head per day, adjusted for each individual goat according to the level of exercise being utilized. Feeding 2 lbs. per head per day with exercise adjusted to control weight gain is the ideal scenario.

Creep Feed
A ration that has been developed with emphasis on palatability that is ideal for a creep feeding program. In order to maximize bloom prior to weaning, Full Throttle should be offered two times per day at whatever level kids will clean up between feedings. Creep feeding Full Throttle eliminates the difficult transition onto a show feed post weaning.

Full Throttle and Backdrop Complete have been developed in cooperation with Hummel Livestock and have been fed by the Hummel Family and a few of their clients the past two years with incredible success. These science based rations consist of premium ingredients including high levels of bypass proteins and energy. Both Full Throttle and Backdrop Complete are designed to be high performance complete feeds for starting young kids, developing wethers, and finishing champions.

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