61202 Hummel Livestock Backdrop Complete

$ 23.00 USD

A revolutionary complete, pelleted feed made with diverse sources of high quality ingredients, as well as bypass protein and energy sources. A proven track record of success maximizing the genetic prepotency and muscle mass of elite goats that will get you to the Backdrop. 

Crude Fiber
Rumensin Pelleted

50 lb bag

The key to success with Backdrop Complete is the diverse sources of high quality ingredients, including high levels of bypass protein and energy sources. This may be the most high-tech, science-based feed on the market. In formulating Backdrop Complete, the latest ruminant nutrition research and application were utilized.  Ingredients were selected on what impact each ingredient, individually and in concert, would have in the biological development of the animal  without regard to ration cost.  Conceptually for the first time in history, this has allowed science to lead the way in the formulation of this show feed ration.  The levels of available protein and energy present in Backdrop Complete, coupled with an intensive exercise program, facilitate extreme muscle building and definition. When feeding Backdrop Complete, expensive supplements are simply not necessary. This ration has been successfully formulated to meet or exceed the nutritional needs of high-end wether-based genetics. The Hummel Family and a group of their clients have been taking full advantage of what Backdrop Complete has to offer.  Backdrop Complete has allowed high-end genetics to excel beyond what has been seen in the goat arena in the past.

When feeding Backdrop Complete offer a small handful of alfalfa hay after each AM and PM feeding.

Maximizing Gain (average or better than average gain desired)
Offer Backdrop Complete 2-3 times per day and adjust feeding rate according to what the goat will clean up in a 30-minute period post-feeding. This will maximize feed intake and increase daily gain.

If an extreme level of daily gain is needed, Full Throttle should be considered.

Maintaining/Limiting Weight Gain
Backdrop Complete is extremely nutrient dense and formulated with protein and energy sources that are readily absorbed by the animal. Weight gain can be controlled via feeding between 1 -3 lbs. of Backdrop Complete per head per day, depending on the degree of exercise and desired weight gain.  It is ideal to increase exercise, rather than the excessive limiting of feed, to achieve the targeted show weight.

Full Throttle and Backdrop Complete have been developed in cooperation with Hummel Livestock and have been fed by the Hummel Family and a few of their clients the past two years with incredible success. These science based rations consist of premium ingredients including high levels of bypass proteins and energy. Both Full Throttle and Backdrop Complete are designed to be high performance complete feeds for starting young kids, developing wethers, and finishing champions.

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